MoYu RS3M 2021 (Maglev Edition)

Brand:MoYu Cube


The MoYu RS3M (Maglev Edition) is update of the Moyu RS3M 2020. It features the magnets from maglev can be switched to a normal RS3M.

Color: Stickerless
Cube Dimensions:56mm
Cube Weight: 91g

A reviews from Reddit
A few summary:

Exactly same pieces as rs3m 2020 (core, corners, edge, screw, blue adjustable tensioning system)

Only difference is spring replaced with 2 strong magnets. The magnets from maglev can be switched to a normal RS3M.

56mm 92g.

Feel from a few reviewer:

Biggest difference with RS3M2020 is the weight and no more spring noise.

in terms of turning, barely any noticeable differences with normal spring rs3m

some say the M slices are smoother.

On the blue tensioning system, when adjusted to 5th click and above, the center maglev tension get alot stronger. Implying that it is not linear . Spring tensions are more linear as you turn up the clicks.

Not sure if they changed the edge magnet strength or is it due the new maglev, but the edge magnet feels stronger. Many users felt the older RS3M have weak magnet.

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Additional information

Cube Dimensions

56.0 x 56.0 x 56.0mm

Cube Type




Reviews 2
  1. gears2gears (verified owner)

    great cube a good as Moyu RS Maglev and so close to Gan 11 M Pro. Took 12 days to arrive to UK

  2. donovanasher7 (verified owner)

    This a very good cube! It was 2.99 mor than the moyu rs3m 2020 and the main difference was the noise, no springs and smoother because of maglev tech very good cube it it my main.

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