MoYu MFJS RS3M 2020 3X3 Speed Cube

Brands:MoYu Cube

£9.99 £4.95

The MF3RS3M 2020 seems most like a “flagship” speedcube at very affordable prices.



Product List:

  • Rs3m 2020 3×3 Cube
  • MoYu Cube Stand
  • Adjustment tool
  • MoYu Tutorials for Beginner
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Cube Dimensions

56.0 x 56.0 x 56.0mm

Cube Type




  1. M. Perkins

    Great Cube, Amazing price….

  2. jonesbarton (verified owner)

    amazing cube. became my main instantly. highly recommend.

  3. Zebedee (verified owner)

    Feels brilliant out of the box, really quick turning.
    Going from a GoCube to this made it feel like a featherweight cube.
    Great 1st budget magnetic cube.

  4. Anjie

    Love this cube as soon as I saw it i knew it would be my main and I was correct 😀

  5. banaru73

    This is a very good cube especially for the price but being a buget puzzle there is a chance it can suffer from core stripping, meanig one or more sides will unscrew overtime as you use it, you tighen it but it will unscrew. If you get a good one, which is very likely the chances of it having thsi problem are pretty low, tho it happened to me, it is amazing especially with added N50 magnets. If you are scared this could happen i recomned also looking for a moyu 3×3 cube core.

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