GAN 356 M

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56.0 x 56.0 x 56.0mm

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  1. rettlin

    this cube is awesome and very smooth but needs to be lubed less

  2. lucalucienvella

    This was a very good cube straight out of the box, really impressed! I would buy 100 of these cubes, and recommend it to everyone!

  3. twdrfc

    An amazing cube with epic turning but could do with slightly better corner cutting!

  4. shiraz.keele1

    This is a fast but very good cube.magnets are good, faster and looser than other cubes and highly recommended.
    For me, this took 13 days to deliver from China
    Very good cube

  5. samrwalker (verified owner)

    Bought 2 of these at the same time as a standard MOYU SUPER RS3 M 2022.

    The GAN feels a more premium product than the Moyu, and nicer to solve, but then it’s over 3 times as expensive.

    It came with a felt bag, and a clear (acrylic?) case, which added to the premium feel, but didn’t add any real value.

    SPeedcubestore was the cheapest I could find these (at £17.95). I ordered these late one Friday evening and they arrived a week and a half later on the Wednesday. Tracking via worked well. I’d buy from here again.

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