GAN 12 M MagLev

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The GAN12 M MagLev (Frosted Stickerless) features adjustable magnets in the pieces and an adjustable magnetic levitation tension/compression system.
Frosted Stickerless Primary Internal

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Product List:

  • GAN 12 M MagLev
  • Tuning Tutorial
  • GAN Cube Box
  • GAN Cube Bag
  • CFOP Tutorial
  • Tuning rod + Hexagonal magnet bar
  • GAN ID Card

Cube Dimensions:56mm
Cube Weight:66g

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Additional information

Cube Dimensions

56.0 x 56.0 x 56.0mm

Cube Type




Reviews 4
  1. kentgeorge179

    This cube is absolutely perfect and so satisfying, I haven’t got one myself but my friend let me use theirs the other day. It may be pricey bit it’s so worth it. I’m very much thinking about buying one myself.

  2. kentgeorge179

    So satisfying

  3. lukasszirteshorne

    good cube but it has a major catching issue that makes the cube a bit worst than normal

  4. elsielnwhyte

    I got this cube a while ago and it has smashed so much pb’s I am Evan thinking of getting one for my cubing friend

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