MoYu RS3 M V5 3x3 Ball Core UV + Robot Cube Stand

Brand:MoYu Cube


The MoYu RS3M V5 is the budget friendly magnetic 3×3 cube, Lightweight, Maglev, Ball Core, UV Coated.

Cube Dimensions: 55.5mm

Cube Weight: 75g


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  1. thejackgamerz2014

    Great price, great product, great service, great shipping, this is amazing. Came in 12 days, and is incredible. The product came with the following: Moyu RS3M V5, Tensioning and Setup tools, Beginner and CFOP sheet, custom stand and robot cube stand. The cube has maglev (Which means the springs are swapped for 2 repelling magnets), UV coating (Which is a glossy and grippy coating), stem and core magnets (Which are magnets all over the inside to make the cube align), and so much more. 5 stars, would recommend to any cuber, beginner or pro.

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