MoYu AoSu GTS2 M 4x4x4 Stickerless

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The AoSu GTS2 M is MoYu’s newest 4×4 and an upgrade over the modern AoSu GTS M. The AoSu GTS2 M comes in a more compact 61mm size and features a new designs to minimize catching and lockups. The result is a highly competitive, compact 4×4 with quick and clean turning.

The puzzle has a medium magnetic feel with the inner layers being slightly stronger than the outers.

Cube Weight: 133.9g
Approx Size: 6.1cm x 6.1cm x 6.1cm
Colours: Stickerless Bright

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Weight 251 g

Cube Dimensions

61.0 x 61.0 x 61.0mm

Cube Type




  1. Cleo Davis

    One of the best 4×4 cube on the market

  2. Sam Harrason

    I got a new pb by 26 seconds (59-33)

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