GAN 13 Maglev UV

Brand:GAN Cube

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  • Magnetic repulsion technology in the edge magnets ( The First )
  • 6 levels adjustable magnets, adjust tension, spring elasticity (216 total setting combinations)
  • 88 Magnets
  • GES V2
  • Enhanced core positioning 3.0 auto aligning technology ( GMS V5 )
  • GAN Box V10
  • Versatile unfold packaging box

Cube Weight:71g
Cube Dimensions:56mm
Release date: Sep 9

Other GAN 13 Version: GAN 13 Maglev, GAN 13 Maglev FX

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Cube Dimensions

56.0 x 56.0 x 56.0mm

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  1. lucyminta (verified owner)

    The gan 13 is a great buy. It can be a little excessive but if you have money to spend and are serious about 3by3 I would highly recommended this cube.

  2. henry.martin5091


    The price is the only bad thing about this cube but the other features make up for it. This cube has the same corner to core magnets as the GAN 12 MAGLEV. The repelling edge magnets help with this. The UV one is better because it adds grip. The MAGLEV adgustment system works so it can go from slow to fast and anywhere in between. Really if you want the best cube, this is it so the price is sad…

  3. 22abenali

    It is amazing as there are a lot of settings however, since you can’t set the edges, the tension heavily affects it is either 45 degree magnet range or barely any magnet range. Also this cube pops alot so you can’t put the corner cutting high. Other than that it is perfect.

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