• X-Man Tornado V3M 3x3

    The release date of tornado v3m is September, 2022. Many speed cube records are broken by X-Man Tornado V3M 3x3. More and more speed cubers have high expectations for it. Search it on youtube to get much more professional reviews.

  • YJ MGC 3x3 New Flagship 2021

    Name ? The New Flagship 3x3 of Yj has 6 magnet strengths.

  • Gift Ideas for Speed Cube(2020)

    GAN cube.believe Finally, Most of cubers choose the GAN Flagship. GAN 356 SM, GAN 356 X, GAN 356 XS, GAN 356 11 M Pro     QiYi Warrior W/ Warrior S, MeiLong, YuXin Little Magic Magnetic Cube QiYi MS, MoYu RS3M 2020, YJ YuLong V2M, YuXin Little Magic, GAN 356 M   Every cubers have …

  • GAN 11 M PRO New Flagship of GAN Cube 2020

    The GAN 11 M Pro is new flagship of gan cube 2020. 56mm. This is the first time that the Speed Cube uses a magnetic core. Have no release date. Maybe next month.

  • Valk 3 Elite M release date

    The Valk 3 Elite is coming soon. 55.5mm about 80g The release date is December, 2019. The price is a little more expensive than the Valk 3 power M Visit the facebook page of QiYi cube to get more details, https://www.facebook.com/mofanggecube.

  • What's the quietest sticker-less speed cube? (2019 Update)

    Looking for a quiet 3x3 cube ? The GAN 356 Air SM or Dayan Tengyun M is good choice.

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