Why Buy From Us

1 Save Your Money

You, your son, grandson buy more than one cube every year. More than 10 on average. So let us calculate the cost. If buy ten times a year for the budget magnetic cubes.

For example , QiYi MS 2x2, QiYi MS 3x3, QiYi MS 4x4 , QiYi MS 5x5, QiYi MS Pyraminx, MoYu RS3M, MoYu RS4M, YuXin Little Magic Magnetic SQ1, QiYi X-Man Wingy Skewb M,
YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M.
Other Website: QiYi MS 2x2(£6.99), QiYi MS 3x3(£7.99), QiYi MS 4x4(£11.99) , QiYi MS 5x5(£14.99), QiYi MS Pyraminx(£8.99), MoYu RS3M(£9.99), MoYu RS4M(£12.99), YuXin Little Magic Magnetic SQ1(£9.99), QiYi X-Man Wingy Skewb M(£11.99),
YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M(£11.99).  Total: £107.99 + Shipping Fee(£2.99*10) = £137.89
SpeedCubeStore:QiYi MS 2x2(£3.95), QiYi MS 3x3(£4.95), QiYi MS 4x4(£8.95) , QiYi MS 5x5(£12.95), QiYi MS Pyraminx(£3.95), MoYu RS3M(£4.95), MoYu RS4M(£10.95), YuXin Little Magic Magnetic SQ1(£6.95), QiYi X-Man Wingy Skewb M(£7.95),
YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M(£9.95).  Total: £75.50 + Shipping Fee(£2.95*10) = £105

Saving the money £32.89 Annual budget is £137.89. (Buy More Save More).


And think about the weeksale and the free delivery about £20, If you buying flagship cubes will save more money.

Annual budget for speed cube is more than these.

2 The Original Cubes

An authorized speed cube online store of GAN, MoYu , QiYi, YuXin, ShengShou, YJ.

3 The Latest Speed Cube

We can get the latest speed cube at the first time after it released.  Other website is pre-order.

4 Life with a twist.

International shipping adds a new level of complexity to the already complicated logistics business. The shipping takes 6 - 11 business days by Royal mail. But It's a great way to practice patience.(Think about the first tips)
Cube solving improves your patience.
Solving the cube requires patience and the ability to tolerate distress and frustration. These qualities directly help the individual to practice patience and remain calm in the face of adversities.

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