Latest Speed Cube 2019 – New Release Date


New Cube Launch MoYu, YJ, QiYi, The Valk, X-Man Design, GAN, ShengShou, Yuxin and More

2019-01-15 YuXin Little Magic 5×5 M   Stickerless

2019-01-13 ShengShou  Mr. M Magnetic 5×5  Black

2019-01-12  ShengShou  Mr. M Magnetic 4×4  Black

2019-01-06 DaYan TengYun M 3x3 Black /Stickerless

2019-01-05 X-Man Design   Spark /Spark M 7×7 Black/Stickerless

2019-01-03    MoYu   AoFu GTS / GTS M  7x7     Color: Black, White, Stickerless

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