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  • X-Man Tornado V3M 3x3

    The release date of tornado v3m is September, 2022. Many speed cube records are broken by X-Man Tornado V3M 3x3. More and more speed cubers have high expectations for it. Search it on youtube to get much more professional reviews.

  • GAN 13 Maglev VS Tornado V3M VS WeiLong WRM 2022 Maglev

    The famous manufacturers will release the flagship 3x3 speed cube in september. What we expect is GAN 13 Maglev, X-Man Tornado V3M (By QiYi Cube), MoYu WeiLong WRM 2022 Maglev. Which one would you most like to be the 3x3 main cube? The release date of GAN 13 maglev is September 10. Max Park almost …

  • Apologize for a Late Response

    Dear All,

  • Submit a Complaint of SpeedCubeStore?

      Submit a complaint for your order or any other questions?

  • YJ MGC 3x3 New Flagship 2021

    Name ? The New Flagship 3x3 of Yj has 6 magnet strengths.

  • X-man Design Tornado V2 M

    54.5mm 72g The Tornado V2 M looks like the gan 354 m but have unique feeling. Budget friendly.   X-Man Tornado V2 has 5 magnet strengths, 5 tension settings, and 5 elasticity settings giving you 125 different combinations.

  • MoYu WeiLong WRM 2021

    The first look of the flagship of MoYu -  Weilong WRM 2021 Update : The WeiLong WRM 2021 has 5 magnet strengths - 05/31/2021

  • Gift Ideas for Speed Cube(2020)

    GAN cube.believe Finally, Most of cubers choose the GAN Flagship. GAN 356 SM, GAN 356 X, GAN 356 XS, GAN 356 11 M Pro     QiYi Warrior W/ Warrior S, MeiLong, YuXin Little Magic Magnetic Cube QiYi MS, MoYu RS3M 2020, YJ YuLong V2M, YuXin Little Magic, GAN 356 M   Every cubers have …

  • GAN 11 M PRO New Flagship of GAN Cube 2020

    The GAN 11 M Pro is new flagship of gan cube 2020. 56mm. This is the first time that the Speed Cube uses a magnetic core. Have no release date. Maybe next month.

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